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What is SocialVane

By analyzing social networks activity, we provide DMO's, Hotel Chains, OTA's and Travel Agencies, with the appropriate real-time Destination Intelligence they need to better understand their target markets and improve their decision-making.

By accessing our user-friendly platform, businesses can measure everything that is being said on social networks about any Destination in order to fully understand tourist perception and satisfaction, and stay ahead of market trends and demand-drivers.

Source-Markets Detection

For any given destination automatically detect the main origins of the people talking about it.

For any given destination Socialvane is able to automatically detect the main origins of the people who are talking about its experiences and offerings. This data is displayed in a way that makes it really easy to perform comparative analyses to understand source-market particularities.

Main Origins

Full Demographic Segmentation

Genders and Ages

Easily understand key demographic data.

For any source market or demand driver, Socialvane is able to understand gender and age distributions helping us to get a full picture of our target markets. When it comes to analyzing key market trends, this is a key segmentation asset.

Measure Key Demand-Drivers

You may get to know how many people visit a destination; we get to know WHY, real-time.

Using the latest technology available, we have built our own semantic system able to detect key demand drivers. This makes it possible to accurately measure how sensitive some markets segments are to specific destination offerings and get a clear understanding of a destinations perceived positioning.


Dynamic Attractions Detection

Tourist Attractions

Dynamically detect the most spoken-about touristic attractions using geo-tagged data.

Some of the most spoken about touristic attractions may not be that obvious; in order to really know which attractions people like the most, we have built an algorithm that uses geo-tagged data and heat-maps to automatically sort those attractions.

Benchmark Competing Destinations

There is no Destination Intelligence without a proper competitive analysis.

Apart from understanding key market trends in a specific destination, it is extremely important to compare those trends against similar destinations in order to fully understand key differentiating assets.


Four Key Indexes

We have built four key KPI’s to measure a destinations health and stay ahead of any variation in those key elements.

GTP Index

The most important one; measures the overall satisfaction with the destination.

TP Index

Measures how satisfied people are with destination offerings.

PS Index

Measures the degree of security perceived by visitors.

PC Index

Measures how satisfied visitors are with the weather.

What makes SocialVane unique

Accurate data: a specialized travel algorithm able to discard any data point not related to tourism activities in order to filter out noisy data and work with highly relevant data points.

Unlimited segmentation capabilities: every single variable can be easily crossed so that you can get the degree of detail you need. This is not about surface trends, it is about diving deep into social travel intelligence insights.

Learning algorithm: yes, our system is able to learn which means that it gets smarter day after day.

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“In a fiercely competitive industry, Big Data and AI will bring new sources of intelligence that will transform the way decision makers work and, of course, the first to adopt this system will gain a significant competitive advantage.”