Powering the tourism industry
using Social Big Data

Gain powerful industry insights and market intelligence
by easily analyzing massive amounts of social data.

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“At SocialVane we are pushing technology boundaries to give tourism industry leaders the tools and resources they need to gain a better understanding of their business environments, and improve decision making.”

Our software

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    Keeps track of millions of conversations and data about travelers, regions, destinations, hotels, events, etc.

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    Separates the signal from the noise and automatically detects trends

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    Builds real-time KPI’s and demand indicators

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    Links together all those signals in a unprecedented way to find the patterns that define tourism dynamics

What for?

By applying the finest Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
tools that we have developed, any industry agent can

  • real-time

    Stay ahead of major
    shift in demand forces

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    Connect your business
    data with relevant
    business-context data

  • brain

    Gain valuable
    industry knowledge

  • location

    Build better
    targeted campaigns

  • dashboard

    Improve decision
    making & operations

Need an example? Lets be more specific

For instance, our user-friendly software allows you to

  • product

    Know which kind of products are being consumed: Where, By Whom (demographics) and Why.

  • talk

    Know which destinations you are actually competing with, what people are saying about them, and what they like the most.

  • globe

    Obtain a dynamic, 360º vision of the competitive landscape of every destination you operate in (hotels reputation, prices, strengths and weaknesses, destination wide).

  • chart

    Detect major demand shifts and trends.

They trust in us


“In a fiercely competitive industry, Big Data and AI will bring new sources of intelligence that will transform the way decision makers work and, of course, the first to adopt this system will gain a significant competitive advantage.”